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Want to get your confidence back?


If you are looking for help in boosting your confidence we have a range of treatments that can help.

At Sero Aesthetics and Wellbeing, it is our aim for our clients to feel confident and empowered.

We help our clients by...


  • Reducing the need to wear make up
  • Making you feel part of the girls when you’re out
  • Feeling more confident in the clothes you wear
  • Spending less time touching up your photos before making them public
  • Smiling more when you look in the mirror
  • Having more confidence in your skin
  • Regaining those lost glances when catching someone’s eye
  • no longer looking tired
  • Feeling and looking healthier
  • Having skin that radiates and to be proud of

Book a Free Consultation

  • Flexible appointments
  • No pressure or sales  
  • Easy online booking  

Plan Your Treatments

  • Safety comes first      
  • Unlimited support    
  • You have full control

Become the Best You

  • Get your smile back                     
  • Get your confidence back          

Who is Sero Aesthetics and Wellbeing?

Hi, I'm Niki and I used to have serious confidence issues.

I would avoid the mirror completely, untag pictures of myself on social media and avoid going out with friends to avoid comparing myself to them and feeling inadequate.

I then decided to have surgery and my confidence went through the roof. In fact, I remember standing in Next trying something on that I never would have previously and breaking down in tears from being so happy. 

You know that feeling of inadequacy?

Gone and I haven't looked back since


Sero Aesthetics and Wellbeing was founded on the notion that  "tweakments" can have a profound affect on our confidence which in turns open doors that were once closed, something we wanted to be a part of.

Want to see what we can do for your confidence?

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