More on Dermal Fillers

How does it work?

Dermal Fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally found in your skin. It's a brilliant moisturiser because it can attract x1000 its weight in water from its surroundings ( which is why its commonly used in skin products- you will probably find it in your skin care products somewhere!) 

It is a gel type substance which is used to fill gaps and build volume which can help plump up wrinkles and give the impression of bone structure where there isn't to aid definition. This is especially good for mature men and ladies where fat is lost under the skin as we age, as fillers can replace what was lost. They are also really good for reconstruction where lips for example are not in proportion with each other; filler allows up to place volume where we would expect it to be!

Finally, due to the fact it attracts water, not only does your skin get a good dose of hydration but it means that you may not get the full affect for a couple of weeks after your treatment. This is also a good reason not to put in too much filler in one go! 

How is it carried out?

For first time clients, we always prefer to see you face to face to discuss your worries. We tend to steer away from asking what clients want fixed, and instead ask our clients how they currently feel and how they would like to feel. There are many cases where clients feel they would like a particular dermal filler treatment to solve an issue, when actually, another treatment (not necessarily filler related) would be much better suited. It is really important to us that our clients expectations are met and so we discuss this at length during consultation, this includes knowing what to expect in the few days after; this is also one of the reasons we always have work done to ourselves, and also check up on our clients in the days following treatment!

When you are booked in for your treatment, we will always suggest to take some antihistamines and painkillers a couple of hours before you see us. We will also suggest that you go tot he pharmacy and get some Emla cream and place it on the area to be treated three hours, then an hour before you see us (we then top this up when we see you).

When you come in, we will take some photos and put more cream on, before going through your medical history thoroughly. Once we have gone through your medical history and the consenting forms we are ready to begin!

It is very much a joint journey for fillers, we will inject a bit, show you in the mirror, do a bit more and so on. We always say, we work with our clients not on them and it's so important for our clients to feel like they are in control!

When we are towards the end, we will always leave a little left in the syringe. We do this so that if we need to, we can add to our work. If however we are all happy with what we have done, we will leave it (keeping in mind that filler does plump out)

How quick does it work?

You will always see some result on the day, but the final result can take up to two weeks to be seen. This also depends on the area, for example, lips can take two weeks for the final result, as can tear troughs. However, cheeks and lip stick lines may only take a week to fully settle.

If you are looking at having fillers carried out in preparation fro an event, we always suggest to have treatment between 6-8 weeks prior. The reason for this is it allows any infection and swelling to resolve, and it gives us an opportunity to build if we need to. 

Are there side effects or risks?

As with any treatment that breaks the skin there is always a risk of bleeding, bruising and infection. Furthermore, if your body inflames abnormally, you can also be left with granulomas and cysts and possible scaring.

With dermal fillers, there is also a risk of something called a vascular occlusion. This is where a blood vessel can become blocked with filler resulting in a haematoma under the skin (which resolves over a few days) or if an artery has become blocked, this can lead to oxygen not getting where it needs to go, and if not noticed and left, can lead to necrosis (cell death) which can result in scarring. Always ensure your practitioner know what to look for, has the equipment needed in this kind of emergency, works alongside a prescriber and teaches you what to look for and when to get in touch with them. 

-I know it sounds scary but to put it into perspective, statistics suggest that a vascular occlusion occurs in 1 out of 100,000 treatments. Having said that, we have been in the field for a while now and have only come across a handful of cases.


Do you use cannula or needle?

We use both depending on the area being treated. A cannula can lead to less swelling and bruising and is generally more comfortable!

Does it hurt?

We will never lie or sugar coat this question!

We always say that if you can have your lips injected into- you can do anything! Lips are the most uncomfortable but avoiding your time of the month, making sure you are mentally in a good place, taking painkillers a couple of hours before, and putting numbing cream on your lips before seeing us will all help.

One side of the face is normally more sensitive, and with your lips, your bottom lip is more sensitive than the top. Having said that, some people breeze through it, whilst some feel it more than others!

Other areas of the face are much more comfortable as we mainly use a cannula. When we do this, a small hole made away from the treatment side; the cannula is slid underneath the skin and navigated to the treatment side- when this happens, due to the layer of skin we are in, there are no nerves and so you shouldn't feel it!

Is it safe for me to have?

There are several groups of people who should avoid fillers including:

    • Pregnant and Breast feeding women- we usually suggest to wait 6 weeks after birth or after stopping breast feeding
    • Those currently suffering from skin conditions in the area
    • Those who suffer from pathological conditions such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, bleeding disorders
    • Those under 18 or over 60 years old. 

How can I prepare for my treatment?

Firstly, ask questions and make sure you are 100% happy!

Ladies- avoid your time of the month!

Don't wear make up to your appointment if you can avoid it.

Do not drink alcohol for a couple of days before your treatment and don’t plan on going swimming or doing anything where water or chemicals might touch the treated area.

Look at our contact us page to find out about where all our local car parks are.


Are there any restrictions after?

Don't rub the area

We generally suggest to sleep bolstered up for a few days if you have had a few syringes of fillers.

Avoid any treatments in the area a couple of weeks either side.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and anti-inflammatories for a few days afterwards.

Avoid swimming, steam rooms and saunas and going to the gym for a few days. 

Do not have a shower or bath for a couple of days.

Avoid any activity that may make you hot, this can encourage the skin to burn well after treatment.



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