Laser Hair Removal

How does it work?

At Sero Aesthetics we are one of the few clinics to use both IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal).

This allows us to target both light and dark hairs (but not grey) as this new laser hair removal system targets both the pigment in the hair and the dermal layer around the hair, absorbing the energy and dying off the follicle from the root. 

This system also enables us to carry out more effective and permanent laser hair removal. 

How quick does it work?

Laser hair removal is most effective when a strand of hair is right at the beginning of its life cycle. Each strand of hair within a certain area will grow at different rates which means in one small area you could have 4 different stages of growth.

Due to this, it can take up to 8 treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart to completely get rid of the hair within an area permanently (although some areas and individuals may need less).

Whilst it is classed as permanent hair removal, for best results, it is good practice to book a top up session once a year to ensure any potential regrowth is caught early. 

Do I need a patch test?

It is an industry standard requirement to have a patch test prior to your treatment to check you are safe to have any laser treatment.

We carry this out by administering three bursts of energy at different levels and after an initial review, we ask you to come back between 2-14 days (depending on your skin tone) for a final review. 


Are there side effects or risks?

The main risks (although uncommon) associated with laser treatments are blistering, burns, scarring and infection. 

If eye protection is not worn correctly, then there is also risk of visual impairment

Does it hurt?

When we carry out your patch test we will find out where your "bite point is". This will feel like the flick of an elastic band but is very brief and normally the only time you'll feel it!

After this, we make it as comfortable as possible (using the cooling head on our machine) which allows us to maximize the impact of your treatment, without you experiencing any discomfort.

Furthermore, due to the fact we work with IPl and SHR, it allows us to be more effective with lower levels of energy meaning you won't feel a thing!

Is it safe for me to have?

There are many conditions which would make you unsafe to have this treatment.

In the majority of cases these includes (but are not limited to) those with autoimmune diseases, those with very dark skin tones, those who are pregnant or breast feeding and those taking medication which makes them photosensitive.

If you have any tattoos in the area you'd like laser hair removal, we cannot do this as not only does it hurt (trust us on that one) but it can also risk removing the pigment and cause an inflammatory reaction in the area.

If you have any moles or metal work (including piercings) in the area to be treated and they cannot be removed, we are also unable to treat this area.

Please note that if you have a natural tan (via the sun or sun bed) you will be turned away from all laser treatments for a period of four weeks. If you have had a fake tan applied, we will need to wait two weeks before we can carry out your treatment.

Please contact us if you have any medical conditions or take any medication prior to booking. 


Please note that this treatment is only suitable for skin tones 1-4


How can I prepare for my treatment?

Remove any perfume, aftershave, moisturisers or deodorant that contain alcohol, and shave no more than two days before your treatment. Do not wax or pluck the area to be treated within four weeks of your appointment.

Ask questions and make sure you are 100% happy!

Ladies- avoid your time of the month!

Do not drink alcohol for a couple of days before your treatment and don’t plan on going swimming or doing anything where water or chemicals might touch the treated area.

Look at our contact us page to find out about where all our local car parks are.


Are there any restrictions after?

Don't rub the area

Avoid any treatments in the area a couple of weeks either side.

Avoid alcohol, smoking and anti-inflammatories for a few days afterwards.

Avoid swimming, steam rooms and saunas and going to the gym for a few days. 

Do not have a shower or bath for a couple of days.

Avoid any activity that may make you hot, this can encourage the skin to burn well after treatment.



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