Booking Policy

Please ensure you read both the booking terms and conditions and also the specific treatment terms and conditions below.


By booking your appointment you are confirming your agreement to the following:


Cancellations and changes

The booking fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation within 48 hours notice of the appointment or failure to show.

You may reschedule your booking at no extra charge if it is done so with more than 48 hours notice and at a maximum of 2 times only.

Failure to attend your appointment, rescheduling within the 48 hour notice period or rescheduling for a third time (whether or not within 48 hours notice) will result in you loosing your booking fee and the full treatment cost will be required upfront for any future bookings.

If the practitioner you book in with is sick, we will endeavour to have the other practitioner treat you. If this is not possible, we will re-arrange your appointment for the next availability time even if this means booking outside our normal working hours. 

Please note that we reserve the right not to treat individuals if we feel that we are unable to meet or manage the expectations of the client. If this occurs, a full refund of the booking fee will be processed.




Deposits and Payments

The booking fee can be taken at the time of booking the appointment

Payments on the day can be made by cash or card. 




Paying in instalments

If you have the option of paypal credit on your paypal account we can invoice you for the full cost of the treatment and you can either pay the balance over four months interest free of over twelve months at 5%. This is an arrangement between you and paypal, please see their website for terms and conditions.


Please be aware that we have CCTV in operation. This is for the safety of both staff and our clients. 



----------------------------------- Treatment specific Booking terms and conditions--------------------------------------


Upon booking you will be asked to fill in a new client consultation form including you medical information. You must disclose any medication or medical conditions you may have or be taking and we reserve the right to cancel your appointment on the day if this requirement has not been met. Please understand that this is for your safety.


  • Aqualyx

Aqualyx works in 80% of cases.  Due to the fact that everyone's anatomy and physiology is different, we can neither guarantee that it will work, how many sessions it will take, or that you will get a specific result from it. 

  • Botox

Please note that it is compulsory that you have a face to face consultation before any treatment plan is created to check that you are suitable for the procedure

  • B12 Injections

Please note that these are a vitamin supplement and are not administered  as a treatment for any medical condition

  • Chemical Face Peels

Our peels are progressive, not aggressive and it is not uncommon not to experience any peeling at all as this very much depends on the person. Darker skin tones to tend to find the peels a little more uncomfortable however constant use of moisturisers are known to help as can antihistamines.

  • Dermaplaning

Please note we cannot treat you if you have had any type of exfoliation or laser treatment within 6 weeks  of your appointment due to the trauma of the skin. We reserve the right to can an appointment if this transpires and will be unable to refund the booking fee.

  • Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers carry a range of side effects, some are common such as bruising and swelling and some are very rare but may constitute an aesthetic emergency. We are always available to reassure and will always do our best to make arrangements for a face to face visit if necessary.

Please be aware however we will not dissolve or top up any filler treatment within two weeks of the initial treatment unless there is a clinical reason to do so (primarily in the case where the filler has caused an obstruction to the blood supply and needs to be dissolved although please note that this is very rare). Dissolving filler can be very painful, cause an anaphylactic response and cause a lot of swelling, it will therefore, only be carried out where there is filler migration, a vascular occlusion, or where there are obvious and hard lumps at 6 weeks (minimum) after the initial treatment. 

We are unable to guarantee complete symmetry or a certain result from our treatments because there are too many underlying factors which can affect this that is outside our control such as a client's underlying anatomy.

Please be aware that 1ml for one person can yield a completely different result from another and this includes the length that the treatment lasts for.  

It is not uncommon for clients to need more than originally thought as it can be difficult to gauge exactly how much filler someone needs. We do however work on a conservative "less is more" approach because it is much easier to build that remove. Please note, that if a top up is required, this will be charged at the standard rate.

  • Massage

Please be aware that we do not offer "extras" on our massage treatments and we reserve the right to decline a treatment if do not feel comfortable carrying out the treatment.

In these circumstances, your booking fee will not be refunded. 

  • Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Please note we cannot treat you if you have had any type of exfoliation or laser treatment within 6 weeks  of your appointment due to the trauma of the skin. We reserve the right to can an appointment if this transpires and will be unable to refund the booking fee.

Please also be aware that it can take up to three treatments to see a difference because with microneedling we are treating the lower layers and we need to give the skin time to shed down to the lower layers.

  • Sclerotherapy

Please note that we cannot guarantee a particular outcome with thread vein removal and it can take more than one treatment to achieve the desire results. 






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