What does Vitamin D have to do with the Coronvirus and why should we be taking it?

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Firstly, I can't take credit for the information in this blog. Dr John Campbell did a fantastic youtube video on immunity and Vitamin D (google it). I just know what its like to try and get all the important information quickly and sometimes you don't have 20 minutes to sit there and watch it, so I have done it for you and have summed it up below.

The British Medical Journal published a meta analysis (basically a huge review and sum up of loads of studies to come up with a strong conclusion) and found that by taking 400iu (or 10 micrograms/mcg) daily can reduce the chance of getting both bacterial and viral respiratory (lung) problems.

The risk of catching these conditions are reduced by 19% in a non-deficient person, however the majority of us in this part of the world are deficient (not making enough) to some degree as its colder and we often cover up (we normally get Vitamin D from some of the foods we eat and the sun). Those with darker skin are more likely to be deficient as their skin colour produces less Vitamin D than white skin. For those that are deficient, by taking the increase in Vitamin D through supplements can have up to a 70% reduction in the chance of having bacterial or viral respiratory problems

Increasing your intake does not have any adverse affects and helps to stimulate immunity in your body. It helps to regenerate the epithelial barrier in the lining of the respiratory tract, matures the immune cells and reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis, heart diseases and cancer.

For those of you that are not aware, the Coronovirus or Covid-19 is a respiratory condition.

So in a nut shell:

Go to your local pharmacy, buy Vitamin D supplements with a minimum of 400iu or 10mcg and take them daily.


If you'd like to watch the video yourself, here is a link:




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