8 Common Myths About Facial Fillers

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8 Common Myths About Facial Fillers


The internet is full of horror stories about facial fillers so we’ve worked to debunk some of the myths surrounding them. SERO Aesthetics are committed to #keepingitreal so here’s our top 8 common myths about facial fillers explained: 


1.    Fillers and Botox are the same


Contrary to popular belief, fillers and Botox are NOT the same. Whilst both involve injecting substances into the skin which help to give a more youthful look, how they achieve that look is different.


Nowadays most fillers use something called hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a substance naturally found in the body. Fillers are injected into the soft tissue and the skin is therefore plumped from behind. The difference with botox is that it is a foreign substance used to paralyse muscles to stop them from moving; this is how it prevents the skin from creating wrinkles. 


2.   It won’t look natural


Anytime you see someone with lips or cheeks that don’t look natural it is usually because they have put too much filler in their face or in the wrong location. We believe in building filler up naturally. Whilst it may involve more sessions it pays off long-term as you have maximum control. Gradually build the filler and you won’t have to worry about fillers looking unnatural.


3.   If I don’t like it there’s no going back


Once upon a time fillers were made using a permanent substance but today, most practitioners prefer to use hyaluronic acid products; this is because their results can be reversed. If you choose to have facial fillers but then decide you don’t like the look after all, you can absolutely have the filler removed. 


The reason why most fillers are now temporary is because the acid used breaks down over time, which is why to keep your look you will have to undergo regular treatments. It is exactly this reason why the process is so easy to reverse. Because the filler is made from an acid practitioners can use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to break it down quicker than the normal rate. 


4.   Fillers are painful


Unsurprisingly many people think receiving facial fillers is painful. It is understandable given that the process involves using a needle but what many people don’t know is that many fillers contain a numbing agent in them so you won’t feel a thing. Some practitioners even use their own numbing cream for added relief to make the procedure as pain-free as possible. 


5.   You have to get fillers replaced all the time


Given that fillers are temporary, they do of course need to be maintained but the maintenance is not as frequent as you might think. How long a filler will last depends on you as a person, where the filler is and how often that part of the body is used. For example, lip injections tend to break down quicker than other parts of the face due to the amount of movement in the lips. You may need to get them replaced every 6-8 months or they could last as long as even 2 years. For the best advice, consult your practitioner.


6.    Fillers are for women only


More and more male celebrities are speaking out about receiving facial fillers and it is nothing to be ashamed of. The only reason why there is a conception that fillers are only for women is because women are simply more open about it. While men may not tend to get lip fillers, frown lines and crow’s feet are commonly treated. 


7.    Fillers give the same results as surgical facelifts


Fillers will make your face look lifted but they are temporary; they cannot give you the same effect as surgery. Surgery usually works by lifting the skin while simultaneously removing excess and sagging skin. Face fillers simply plump the skin to achieve a more youthful look. 


8.    Recovery time lasts forever


The side effects from facial fillers can include mild bruising and swelling but these can be treated using a simple cold pack. Other than around the eyes or mouth, the bruising is not too noticeable. For final results you should wait around 2 weeks but there’s no serious downtime from work or anything like that. 


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